Hardman Multifloc System

Mutifloc wheel image.jpg

It is essential that water extracted and used by industry is decontaminated before being reintroduced to the environment. 
The Multifloc System for wastewater treatment is a multi component system, originally developed by Hardman Chemicals, for the treatment of industrial and food processing wastewater. 
The system is simple to apply and superior in performance, both operationally and economically, when compared to traditional systems. Multifloc is extremely robust and is generally not affected by variations in influent.
Multifloc is a multi component system comprising of:

  • Specially formulated mixture of absorbents, adsorbents, coagulants and coagulant enhancing agents

  • Prepolymerised aluminium based coagulants of high charge density

  • Polymer blends of either anionic or cationic polymers, depending on the application