Providing treatment solutions for a range of industrial waste waters and process waters

It is essential that water extracted and used by industry is decontaminated before being reintroduced to the environment

The MULTIFLOC range is comprised of single shot and multi componenet coagulating solutions.  It is the ideal solution for the treatment of contaminated waters and waste waters.

Manufactured to Hardman’s highest standards, the MULTIFLOC range is suited to a wide range of applications requiring clean water for use in processes, disposal, or recycling.  Powerful flocculants assist in the removal of contaminants in water.

Hardman Technical Services can provide technical support and product evaluations for the best treatment options available.

  • Multifloc A1400 Powder +

  • Multifloc A1400 2% Solution +

    Multifloc® A1400 is an Alchlor® based coagulating flocculant of very high strength and efficiency. Multifloc® A1400 can be used as a single shot coagulating solution for a range of waters and is particularly effective on highly turbid sources.

  • Multifloc 5084 +

    Multifloc 5084 is an aqueous solution of aluminium chlorohydrate and proprietary polymers. Multifloc 5084 has been proven to be indefinitely stable without settling on standing. Multifloc 5084 is completely miscible with water and is readily metered and pumped. For typical water treatment plant operations, dosing points should be directed into a highly turbulent zone to ensure rapid dilution and mixing.

  • Multifloc SE287 +

    Multifloc SE287® is a silicate based flocculation enhancer that provides rapid settling of light flocs when used as part of an Alchlor® dosing regime in water treatment plant clarifiers.

  • Multifloc N1900 Powder +

  • Multifloc N1900 5% Solution +

  • Multifloc 1326 +

  • Multifloc 8100 +