Proudly manufactured by Hardman Chemicals the original founders of ACH technology within Australia. 

Hardman Chemicals is a leader in water treatment technology, producing advanced coagulants based on Aluminium Chlorohydrate. Using Hardman’s capabilities and know how, water treatment plants across Australia provide high quality, safe and better tasting drinking water containing the lowest possible levels of trace metals. 

  • Alchlor Geo +

    Alchlor Geo is an environmentally friendly fast acting coagulant based on ACH technology (Aluminium Chlorohydrate) specifically formulated for use within the construction, mining, quarrying and landfill operations where HES basins are used in order to comply with IECA design guidelines.

  • Alchlor Gold +

    CLEANER, SAFER and better TASTING water!

    Our coagulants destabilise the fine colloidal particles occurring in water that carry bacteria, viruses and protozoans. We do it with far lower chemical treatment than other methods.  The positive charge rates of ACHLOR GOLD are the highest in the industry which means they cost a little more per litre, however the exceptional performance allows particles to be removed more effectively and efficiently.


  • Alchlor Gold CR +

    Alchlor Gold CR is an aqueous solution of aluminium hydroxychloride. 

  • Alchlor Premium +

    Alchlor® Premium is a high purity, high performance liquid coagulant (Polyaluminium Chlorohydrate - Al2(OH)5Cl) used in the clarification of potable water and wastewater.

  • Alchlor Cosmetic +

    Alchlor Cosmetic is a concentrated high purity aqueous solution that is slightly more viscous than water.

  • Alchlor 1083 +

    Alchlor® 1083 is an aqueous solution of polyaluminium chloride, with roughly 83% basicity.