Hardman Alchlor Range

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The Alchlor range of coagulants destabilise the fine colloidal particles occurring in water that carry bacteria, viruses and protozoans with far lower chemical treatment than other methods.
The positive charge rates of ALCHLOR provide exceptional performance and allow particles to be removed more effectively and efficiently.


Alchlor comes in three main products formulations:

Hardman advanced ACH formulation with the highest aluminium content coupled with the longest polymer chains which achieves 
the highest colour and organics removal to produce extremely high quality drinking water while reducing existing ACH dose rates by up to 30%. Alchlor Gold is highly polymerised and pre hydrolysed meaning performance is not affected during low alkalinity waters events

The original advanced Hardman ACH formulation, with increased aluminium content and longer polymer chains achieves a high level of organics removal to produce high quality drinking water

Although often compared to commodity ACH products, due to the unique Hardman manufacturing process, Alchlor Standard consistently outperforms when trialled alongside its commodity competitors

Hardman Alphos


Advanced Phosphorus Removal

Hardman ALPHOS is a sulphate free polyaluminium chloride product based on ACH technology specifically formulated for optimised precipitation of reactive phosphorus within sewage treatment plant effluent and industrial wastewater processes. In plants where ALPHOS has been adopted, phosphorus levels have been reduced to significantly lower levels than limits set by the EPA and other authorities. ALPHOS is not only cost effective and easy to apply but shows improved dose-response under critical plant loading conditions when compared aluminium sulphate or ferric coagulants

Alphos has a higher basicity due to partial hydrolysis at the point of manufacture and therefore has less impact on alkalinity in the water when compared to other options which in turn improves biological phosphorus removal creating greater plant stability and higher performance

Owing to the more crystalline nature of the Alphos sludge as compared to the amorphous sludge produced by alum coagulants. These advantages lead to longer sludge pond cycles, better dewatering and cost savings due to the frequency and ease of sludge removal 

The Hardman Multifloc System

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Treats any type of waste water

It is essential that water extracted and used by industry is decontaminated before being reintroduced to the environment. 
The Multifloc System for wastewater treatment is a multi component system, originally developed by Hardman Chemicals for the treatment of industrial and food processing wastewater. 
The system is simple to apply and superior in performance both operationally and economically when compared to traditional systems. Multifloc is extremely robust and is generally not affected by variations in influent.

Multifloc is a multi component system comprising of:

Specially formulated mixture of absorbents, adsorbents, coagulants and coagulant enhancing agents

Prepolymerised aluminium based coagulants of high charge density

Polymer blends of either anionic or cationic polymers, depending on the application

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Multifloc Test Kit

Order Your Free Kit

The Multifloc test kit was designed to enable technicians to rapidly screen various challenging wastewater types using our rapid test methodology. The kit contained sample size bottles and jars of the most popular range of Multifloc, Alchlor and Alphos products as well as the basic equipment and instructions required to perform rapid screening tests. The kit is provided free of charge upon request to companies within the water treatment industry that are directly involved in the treatment of wastewater.


pH Correction

Hardman Water Treatment Chemicals also includes a range of pH correction chemicals including custom dilutions of sulphuric acid and Sodium Hydroxide in bulk, 200L drum and 1000L IBCs

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Sulphuric Acid

35% Sulphuric Acid

60% Sulphuric Acid

Custom Dissolutions

Sodium Hydroxide

30% Sodium Hydroxide

50% Sodium Hydroxide

Custom Dissolutions

Hydrochloric Acid

15% Hydrochloric Acid

33% Hydrochloric Acid

Custom Dissolutions

Other Water Treatment Chemicals


Pac 10

Pac Powder

Aluminium Sulphate (8% Solution)

Activated Carbon Powder

Pottasium Permanganate 

Sodium Hypochlorate

Ferric Chloride

Ferric Sulphate

Magnesium Hydroxide

Calcium Nitrate