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We’ve compiled a FAQ list below that covers the most common questions we receive. Have a look, and if there’s something missing, please send us an email or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help out.

How do I determine what system I need?

After an initial discussion to gather data and information on your plant, our technical team will conduct a desktop evaluation of your process and then provide you with a report, outlining the recommended process, complete with operational and cost benefits.

Do your products work in all processes?

Hardman Alchlor and Alphos systems have been successfully implemented across the water and wastewater treatment industry and have been proven to be successful within all processes.

What is the difference between Alchlor and Traditional products?

Using the Hardman Alchlor system makes your plant easier to operate while greatly reducing the overall operational costs and providing better quality water.

How do I keep my process up and running if I switch to a new system?

After agreeing to the desired outcomes of a trial, DGL Manufacturing will send their highly experienced technical team to you who will assist your operators to run a plant trial.

Where can I get information on pricing or place an order?

Please call (02) 9624 1333 or email sales@dgl-corp.com for any pricing or orders and our sales staff will be happy to assist.

Need more information?

Call or email us today.