Hardman Chemicals the original

founders of ACH technology

within Australia.

The Alchlor range of coagulants destabilise the fine colloidal particles occurring in water that carry bacteria, viruses and protozoans with far lower chemical treatment than other methods. The positive charge rates of ALCHLOR provides exceptional performance and allows particles to be removed more effectively and efficiently.

  • Treatment

    Treatment with conventional coagulants such as Alum (Aluminium Sulphate) results in large quantities of toxic sludge being produced, the disposal of which is a costly exercise.

    With ALCHLOR® , the sludge generated is non-toxic and the volume is only a fraction of that produced with Alum, making disposal relatively easy.

    Water treatment plants using ALCHLOR® benefit from significantly lower dosage rates, resulting in significant cost savings over conventional treatments. 

  • Jar Testing

    Prequalification of performance and costs is carried out through Jar Testing.  This data provides water managers with optimal dose rates for their particular water source, along with computable financial and treatment benefits.

    The ACHLOR® range consistently offers the best performance and economic value to large and small WTP operations.