Hardman Alphos Range

Hardman ALPHOS is a sulphate free polyaluminium chloride product based on ACH technology specifically formulated for optimised precipitation of reactive phosphorus within sewage treatment plant effluent and industrial wastewater processes. In plants where ALPHOS has been adopted, phosphorus levels have been reduced to significantly lower levels than limits set by the EPA and other authorities. ALPHOS is not only cost effective and easy to apply but shows improved dose-response under critical plant loading conditions when compared to aluminium sulphate or ferric coagulants.

Alphos has a higher basicity due to partial hydrolysis at the point of manufacture therefore, it has less impact on alkalinity in the water when compared to other options which in turn improves biological phosphorus removal creating greater plant stability and higher performance. 

Owing to the more crystalline nature of the Alphos sludge as compared to the amorphous sludge produced by alum coagulants. These advantages lead to longer sludge pond cycles and better dewatering and cost savings due to the frequency and ease of sludge removal from the ponds.

Hardman Water Treatment Chemicals are manufactured by DGL Manufacturing. Part of the DGL Group

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