Hardman Water Treatment Chemicals have long been considered the leading brand in water treatment chemicals and are trusted with delivering Australia cleaner drinking water.

This unique range of products, based on Advanced ACH Technology, has been developed by Hardman Chemicals over many years of research and development and has been undertaken in order to solve challenges brought to them by their customers.

In 2020 Hardman Chemicals became part of the DGL Group and changed its name to DGL Manufacturing. As a result, the future looks bright with greater resources and DGL Manufacturing will continue to develop world class industry leading products.

Total Product Management 

DGL has a range of medium to large corporate customers who choose to use either all or part of our “Total Product Management System”. Typically our customers are businesses that want to free themselves from the burden and expense of managing complicated back end operations. This allows companies more time to focus on continuing to build a stronger business and provides an easy way to expand their national or global footprint.

DGL’s multi-user facilities provide scalable, cost-effective solutions allowing our customers to utilise substantial resources and equipment. These facilities provide clients with the opportunity to pay only for the space they need with access to additional space and resources if their business requirements change.

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